Now we play at home. In the land where I was born and raised. Puglia.
How many of you have been to Puglia? Trust me, you should have a trip, I assure you I am not biased.

Puglia is the region that makes the most rosé wine in Italy. From the north of the region right  down through to Salento.

You should know that here the first Italian rosé wine was bottled in 1943 in Salento. The history here is very interesting: the wine is called Five Roses and it is made by Leone De Castris winery. On the website it is written:

“In its name the echo of a quarter in Salice Salentino’s fief, “ Five Roses” , but also the tradition, nearly legend, connected to the fact that every Leone de Castris got five children for many generations.Nearly over the end of the Second World War, general Charles Poletti, responsible for allies’ procurements, asked for a huge provision of rosé wine. An Italian wine, but with an American name. This is how Five Roses was born.”

In Puglia there is a DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) dedicated entirely to the rosé wine and it is the DOCG Castel del Monte Bombino Nero. So we are close to the Castle del Monte, in the north of Puglia. This wine is made from bombino nero

In Salento, the southest part of Puglia, there are a lot of good rosé wines made especially from Negroamaro, often used in blend with Malvasia Nera.

rosé della puglia


Primitivo Rosé is popular and it could be a good choice. It finds its perfect vocation in Manduria and in Gioia del Colle. Manduria is on the west coast of Puglia, on the Mar Ionio and Gioia del Colle is in the center of the region.
Thinking about Primitivo, it has always been a symbol of a structured, full-bodied red wine. The fact that many producers are starting to make rosé from Primitivo is synonymous with the interest of this type of rosé wine.

Here in Puglia we love rosé. During the summer, on the beaches or dining on the shore we like to  to pair it with good fish. Rosé is always a good answer.

What should you expect from a rosé wine?

For sure there is a big difference in the wine style from the North of Puglia down through to the south, also note that all the regions are characterised by a Mediterranean climate. Wine of the DOCG Castel del Monte Bombino Nero will be of a more or less intense rosé, very delicate, soft and harmonious in the mouth.

The rosé wines from Salento, often made by Negroamaro will be more intense, fruity and crispy. One scent I often get with the Negroamaro is amazingly licorice.

See you in Puglia! I am waiting for you!

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