The top-selling wine in all of the United States. Thanks to this wine, rosé began its exponential growth in popularity. There are even some who would call it the most well-known rosé in the world. The Whispering Angel– the French wine that’s the most commonly imported from the States, and sold in more than 100 countries.


Yeah, it comes from Provence, and it’s the most sold wine in America. The amount of Whispering Angel consumed in America is more than the sum of all other rosés from Provence.

“Seems kind of weird that a French wine would have an English name”

That’s true, it wasn’t actually their idea. Let’s take a look at what we mean by that.

Whispering Angel is a wine produced at the Château d’Esclans, a castle that dominates a whopping 267 hectares of land. The estate that produces this famous rosé is also responsible for the Garrus, the most famous, prestigious rosé in the world.

Production Zone60 Km west of Cannes (Cotes de Provence)
GrapesGrenache, Rolle, Cinsault, Syrah, Mourvedrè
Bottles Produced
3.2 Million bottles in 2016

What can a wine like that end up costing?

The Garrus sells for about $100 per bottle ☺
The Whispering Angel sells for $22.

Bottle of Garrus

“So where did the wine get this level of fame?”

It started its climb around 2007, when rosé hadn’t even begun to play a part in wine’s world of prestige. Its strategy? They sold it in places that were highly patronized by millennials (the generation born between 1981 and 1996). No advertisement, only word of mouth. Furthermore, it acquired the approval of James Suckling, one of the most famous wine critics in the world, who called it “always delicious,” and of other expert critics who called it “the coolest wine you’ll ever drink.”

Other fun facts?

A chain in New York actually began producing Whispering Angel flavored gummy bears, defining them as “suited to every type of palate.” They were meant to be enjoyed at the beach, with friends, at parties… but, be mindful not to overdo them! Gummy bears can be surprisingly powerful.

Rosé is not, by any means, a seasonal wine- it’s for all year round.

Those who sell Whispering Angel have done a lot to augment the credibility of the rosé industry. Restaurateurs usually have it on their wine lists, especially because millennials just want it so bad. We’re sure that this wine must have educated restaurateurs, and therefore probably clientele, in a way that started to undo the myth about rosé being just for summer.

Mr. Lichine, an expert business owner and visionary who managed to bring worldwide recognition to this wine, had a particular goal: to create the most expensive rosé in the world. We can say that it’s pretty likely this is the path the Garrus is on. Actually, Château d’Esclans is owned by LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy), world leader in high-quality products: basically a multinational French company that has various high-quality brands in their portfolio, which, of course, sell all over the world! Maybe the fact that LVMH invested in a brand that produces only rosé might be a harbinger of the Rosé Revolution. What do you think?

Whispering Angel, the brand that redefined rosé!

Did you already know about it?

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