B BLAUFRANKISCH, very dark variety, late ripening, the red wine can be very tannic and rosè very structured.

BOMBINO NERO, Apulian vine famous for its great productivity. The skin is thick and an aromatic wine is obtained.

CCABERNET FRANC, it originates in France and is often used together with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It is an international grape with medium-sized berries. The typical aromas of Cabernet Franc are herbaceous ones.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON, one of the most widespread vines in the world because it has a good ability to adapt to the most diverse climates. The berries have a medium size and the wine that will be obtained will be a fruity and herbaceous wine.

CORVINA, originally from Valpolicella,  its nameis due to the very dark color of the berries. The bunch shows medium-sized grapes and the wines obtained from Corvina will be warm and fruity. Together with Corvinone and Rondinella they produce Amarone della Valpolicella and Bardolino.

CORVINONE, typical black grape variety of Veneto. Its name may come from the color of the raven’s feathers. It comes with a compact bunch with large berries. It together with Corvina and Rondinella is used for the production of Amarone della Valpolicella and Bardolino. Wines made from Corvinone will be warm and fruity.

GGAGLIOPPO,  red grape variety originating from the Cirò area in Calabria. Medium consistency peel, a very intense wine will be obtained.

GAMAY, French native, similar to Pinot Noir but with a more consistent skin. Light hints of red fruit.

GROPPELLO, typical of the Lombard area Garda shore. The bunch is closed and compact. The berries are medium in size and the wine obtained will have a very bright color and will be fresh and soft on the palate.

MMARECHAL FOCH, IS in Canada and its squeezing produces a very dark red juice.

MONTEPULCIANO, directly from the Abruzzo region, a full-bodied grape. Fruit aromas such as plum and blueberry. It does not have much acidity the wines produced by Montepulciano will be softer.

NNEGROAMARO, native Apulian variety, typical of Salento. The name is very explanatory as the grape has a very dark color (negro in Italian) and will be particularly bitter (amaro in italian) , or rather astringent. The resulting wine will have a fruity aroma but above all a pleasant note of licorice.

PPINOT GRIS, originally from Burgundy it has become an international grape. The shape of its cluster resembles that of a pine cone. Cultivation is complex and its natural color is coppery. It is often vinified in white, sometimes in contact with the skins and the must gets a coppery color.

PINOT NOIR, originally from France, it is now an international grape variety. It is used for the production of Champagne. It is almost in every wine country. The grape has a thin skin and the wines produced by Pinot Noir will be fruity and elegant.

PRIMITIVO, finds in Puglia its home land. Its name derives from the fact that the grapes ripen early and are characterized by an important sugar content. The wine obtained from primitive grapes will have an intense and dark color and aromas of ripe red fruit.

RRONDINELLA, Typical from Verona, the color is the same of the swallows. Compact bunch with medium-sized grapes with a very firm skin. The wines obtained will be sapid and fruity. It contributes to the production of Bardolino and Amarone della Valpolicella.

SSANGIOVESE, most widespread Italian vine. It is the one from which Chianti can be obtained. Literally it means Blood of Jupiter. Growing in warm weather it will have hints of red fruit.

ZZINFANDEL,  it is always the Primitive. In California it is called that way.