One of the most interesting profiles you can follow on Instagram is that of the rosé influencer
“The Rosé Lifestyle” is a profile followed by about 10K followers. Every day, you can find photos of rosé: “your daily source of rosé”.

You know it, and our curiosity has moved us to ask a few questions and meet the face of Rosé Lifestyle, with whom we share our deep passion for rosé.

Directly from Hungary, here is our personal interview with Mate Shcubert!

“Where does your passion for rosé come from?”

My family owns a new generation winery in Villány which is one of Hungary’s most famous wine region. This is the place where I grew up too. The region is famous for producing Bordeaux-style red wines, however, we mainly produce easy to drink whites and rosés and the most selling wine is our rosé. This is where all has started…

“When did you start this project and why?”

I started The Rosé Lifestyle in April 2017. The main reason why I started this project is that I found rosé wine so overly underrated. Some people have this false belief that rosé wines can be only average cheap wines. I wanted to dive deep into the world of rosé wines and build a community around it that brings rosé makers and customers together. The page is meant to entertain and educate wine drinkers daily.

“What perceptions do the Hungarians have of rosé?” 

Currently, I live in Budapest, I moved here when I was 18 but I grew up in a small town called Villány which is famous for its wine production.

Rosé wine is very popular in Hungary especially in the group of moderate wine consumers. Our sales numbers show it very well. Out of 9 different wine varieties, 30% of our annual sales come from rosé wine.

Kékfrankos is a popular variety of domestic rosé growers and consumers, just because it is the best variety for rosé production in the country. Rosé wines are also made from Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, etc. and their blends. The aroma and taste of rosé can be strawberries, raspberries, currants, cherries, rosehips, blackberries, rose petals, citrus, rhubarb or even tutti-frutti and can be made more masculine or feminine.

Rosè influencer

 ©The Rosé Lifestyle

“Can you suggest some good Hungarian rosés?”

Some of my current favourites are Gere Rosé, Ruppert Rosé, Sauska Rosé, and ours the Gere & Schubert Rosé. 

“How did you reach your audience on The Rosé Life Style? Do you use other platforms besides Instagram?”

95% of our followers are on Instagram. We released some videos of wine trips on YouTube but currently, we are only focusing on Instagram.

“What do you do in your life?”

I run a social media marketing agency that helps businesses grow through social media ads and social media management. We are a fully remote team, so I’m able to work from wherever I want to. My business takes up most of my time. You know, I want to keep our clients happy, so I do everything I can to provide the best service possible.

Rosè Influencer
“We provoke you: Italian or French rosé. Which do you prefer?

I’m going to be very blunt here. Provence Rosé is my absolute favourite. Period.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Italian rosé (I always have some at home, of course). I love the unique character that Italian rosés bring to the world. I like having them with a good meal. They go well with Italian dishes (obviously).

“What’s the best time to enjoy a glass of rosé?”

There’s no good answer to this question. Rosé can be enjoyed on any occasions. That’s what makes our pink drink so special. It just brings people together.

“Your favourite pairing with a glass of rosé?”

Here are some terrific pairings to try: ⁠


  • Anchovies (appetizers, canapes) — try a simple Anchovy Butter spread over crackers⁠
  • Melon and Prosciutto⁠
  • Salads, particularly Salade Nicoise⁠
  • Olive appetizers⁠
  • Hummus⁠

Main Dishes, Side Dishes:

  • Crab⁠
  • Eggs⁠
  • Pizza⁠
  • Shrimp⁠
  • Fried fish⁠
  • Grilled fish⁠
  • Lobster⁠
  • Tuna⁠
  • Sandwiches and Wraps⁠
  • Turkey⁠
  • Quiche⁠
  • Couscous⁠
  • Salmon⁠
  • Hamburgers⁠
  • Grilled sausages⁠
  • Grilled chicken⁠

For Sure Mate has many reasons to drink rosé 🙂

“Describe your relationship with rosé through a metaphor”

Rosé is like coffee to my brain. It just makes me feel more alive.

“Say Hello to Mila from Intotherosé who helps and endures us on the other side of the world”

I know that Mila’s motivation and support is fundamental. So cheers to Mila, of course with a glass of rosé! Thank you guys, I’m wishing you the best!

And we thank you Mate for this interview! We wish you the best and long life for rosé!

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