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“Tavel? What is that? I’ve never heard it.”

Tavel is a French AOC. The production zone is Southern Rhone Region.  The vineyards are only in the town of Tavel.

“Why are you talking about this so small reality?”

It is a region full of curiosity about rosé. The wines are very different from those of Provence and it is obviously a rivalry between the two areas.

It’s normal, they are French. 

Rosé wines from Tavel have a much more intense color. Often white grapes and red grapes are used together and the main grape is Grenache, which loves the sun and gives great structure.

“Tavel, full of sun, full of color”

A legend about TAVEL wants that King Philip IV of France, Knight of the Templars, once traveled through Tavel. He tasted a local wine and he considered it the only good wine in the world. The wines of this area are even Hernest Hemingway’s favorites.

Tavel makes only rosé wines. And seems they are very suitable for aging.

Have you ever tasted a rosé from Tavel?

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