What’s It Like to Mix Wine and Surfing?

In the collective conscience, the stereotype of the surfer is that after a long day of riding the waves, they like to enjoy a beer on the beach at sunset. At least that’s what the movies taught us.

“We think the scene is missing a glass of wine. Perhaps some rosé at this sunset on the waves… is this too mainstream?  “

Snooping around the internet, mostly LinkedIn, I dove into something called “Surf Wine Tours.” 

Whatever could this be? Who’s the mad genius who came up with having a glass of wine while surfing?

I contacted the founder, Mario, because I couldn’t stand to not know.

So what did the Surf Wine Tours turn out to be? Here’s their explanation in a tweet:

Surf Wine Tours is a Portuguese surf and wine adventure company committed to your unforgettable travel experience. If you love the surf atmosphere, authentic local experiences and you have an obsession with food and wine, this call is for you! Bring your friends and find other surf wine enthusiasts and luxury lovers on a Surf Wine Tour. Our surf and wine tours are an opportunity to refresh your perception of Portugal, connect with people as if you are family or long-lost friends and truly find your place at the table. We open the doors to places you may never have found on your own, unique beaches, gorgeous hotels, transcendent culinary
experiences and kind and passionate people. We are a surf and wine luxurious adventure company on a mission. Our vision redefines a top surf and wine luxury destination, Portugal. 

Wine Surf

Did you hear Mario?

If you head to Portugal, he’ll organize a surfing and wine vacation for you. Luxury in the form of food and wine tours.

How is a vacation with Surf Wine Tour structured?

[Ritorno a capo del testo]Every day you surf in a new location, you eat and drink in restaurants, you taste, you learn, and you have fun. Basically, you travel around Portugal, you’ll see resounding views, and visit magnificent wineries.  Do you know what the most famous rosé from Portugal is? The Mateus.

Have you ever heard of Port, the famous fortified wine from Portugal?

In recent years, a rosé version of it has come on the scene. Didn’t expect that one, huh?

The world of wine is definitely complex, magnificent, and enormous. One can never really stop learning. We love to see people who put their all into reinventing and rejuvenating a world that’s often slave to its own traditions. However, don’t get me wrong: I’m definitely not saying that tradition is a bad thing. Just that we don’t necessarily agree with “we do it this way because it’s always been done this way.” This is why we appreciate people like Mario.

Even he’s a huge rosé lover:

“Finally, even here, rosé wine is getting it’s well-deserved recognition and appreciation.”

Surf Wine
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