7 ROSÉS FOR VALENTINE’S DAY (+2 surprises)

What wine should you drink on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day, lover’s Day. What to drink with your loved one?
You probably already know the answer, because the wine of love is only one: rosé.
By the way, did you know that rosé is very popular in England to celebrate Valentines Day? An excellent move to move the consume from the summer to the winter. Yes, rosé is not just a summer wine.
So once you have established that you will open a nice bottle of rosé, you are  wondering, which one?

Here are our tips.

Negroamaro Rosé

Southern soul, warm, and how good is that scent of liquorice typical of Negroamaro. For a  fiery date, ideal if you want to eat fish.
Tip:  Girofle di cantine Garofano. 


©Vini Garofano

Bombino Rosé

The fragrant and soft side of Puglia. I am in love with Bombino Nero and its aromas and its freshness.
Tip: Tramonto by Donna Viola.

And tell me if you like the label or the color more.


Rosé dell’Etna

Volcanic love. Well balanced. Soft color and complex aromas.

Tip: Le Sabbie dell’Etna
Be careful, the bottle ends very soon 🙂


Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo

The strength, persistence, structure of a truly unique wine. Some even look red, but its soul is rosé. Cerasuolo like the color of cherries, a particularly good fruit. Great for dinner.
Tip: Villa Gemma Masciarelli


Pinot Nero Rosé

The wine of love. The wine-emotion. Pinot noir rosé is a pleasant wine to drink, fresh and bright. An excellent wine for the occasion.

Tip: Pinot Nero Rosato Nuova Tenuta Paradiso, a nice wine, typical aromas of small red fruit.

Bardolino Chiaretto

A delicate and fruity rosé: maybe it’s your first Valentine’s Day as a lover? Try it!
Tip:  Chieto Tenuta La Cà,scent of flowers and fruit that return to the mouth. Perfect to accompany fruit too.

©Tenuta La Cà

Prosecco Rosé

The new entry. Fresh, fragrant, versatile. A name guaranteed. The bubbles that make you fall in love even more.
Tip: Prosecco Rosé Bolla


Explosive Surprise

OttoRosa Carvinea,a real Apulian jewel. A native vine totally different from the typical rosé of the South. A wine that reminds of Pinot Noir. Coral rosé, floral scents, is appreciated for its freshness and the return of fruity scents in the mouth.

Funny surprise

Mateus, a wine that may not need explanations. You can recognize the bottle, the most exported wine in Portugal. Slightly sweet, it  can embellish your appointment.


Which rosé will you open for Valentine’s Day?

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