The Rosé Factory

Do you all know about Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory?

What if I told you that there’s also a Rosé Factory?

It’s called Rosé Wine Mansion and it’s real! It’s a total paradise for us rosé lovers. It’s a place where you can hang out, have fun, experiment and get to know the culture of rosé.

How does it work though, is it a boring jaunt through a museum?

The Rosé Wine Mansion is a mighty estate situated in the Big Apple, with a whopping 14 rooms. Each room is designed for you to explore a different theme: you can immerse yourself in Ancient Rome, or in America’s roaring 20’s. The most exciting part, though, is the variety of activities. Every room offers the opportunity to try something new. For example, you can try wines originating from all over the world, or you can even challenge yourself to make your own favorite rosé. Other rooms offer the perfect background for your Instagram moment.

So, you can taste all the rosé?

Of course! Every room has a different rosé for you to taste- and if that doesn’t cut it, there’s even a full wine bar ready to satisfy any request!

Curious about the wine list? Here it is!  

But let’s stay on track here. Imagine you’re right in front of the door, ready to take your tour. Are you there?

Let’s go!

In the first room, you’ll immediately be offered a rosé to taste. Cheers!

They won’t give you the usual wine glass here, however. They’ll give you a special, very elegant glass, marked with “Rosé Wine Mansion,” along with some stickers boasting of, obviously, rosé.

In the second room, you’ll be offered a bolder, more unusual rosé from somewhere exotic.

Afterwards, you can board the “Rosé Mansion Airlines,” where they simulate an airplane on which you can try rosés from the whole world as well.

Are you a traditional type? Don’t worry at all. They know that rosé gummy bears aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. You won’t miss out on an opportunity to try some of the world’s most classic French rosés!

One of the most interesting rooms will combine business with pleasure. Out of all the experiences they offer, you might have the most fun sniffing essences and trying to determine their aromas. It’s a great exercise for getting better at wine tastings!

But the Rosé Wine Mansion never ceases to amaze. In fact, you’ll be able to take a swim in a giant glass of rosé! You’ll find a tub filled with little plastic rosé beads. You’ll fall right back into your favorite childhood ball pit, swimming around in a glass of wine. Other tubs are filled with rose petals- you can’t ask for a better selfie situation.

Rosé Mansion

Rosé Mansion

“We wanted to take some of those feelings that you get when you drink wine and turn them into visuals”

If you still don’t quite know how a good rosé is made, you might want to take a quick read here so you don’t feel unprepared for what’s ahead.

One of the experiences in the Rosé Wine Mansion is to have you relive the entire experience a grape goes through in production! You can ponder, having fun all the while, what the main stages are that can turn a simple little grape into a unique bottle of wine.

At the end, when you’re ready, you can head into the experiment lab. You’ll be able to create your perfect blend of rosé. Choose whatever you like! More tarte? Sweeter? Can’t decide?

Download the guide Simply Rosé and find your favorite wine!  

You can talk about history, you can talk about science, and you can talk about culture all through this beverage that’s about 6,000 years old

Who’s the genius behind the Rosé Wine Mansion?

This house of fun was founded by  Tyler  Balliet  and Morgan First, who’ve been organizing wine events in America for over a decade, mostly directed towards millennials. They’re both steadfast in the opinion that talking about wine doesn’t need to be complicated. Because of that, the goal of the Rosé Wine Mansion  is to help you get to know rosé’s identity in a fun, interactive way.


The two founders are certain that rosé isn’t just a trend, but “a unique vehicle for storytelling.”

Fun Fuct

 Many members of the staff are ex-actors, and they bring a very positive energy to the mansion! They’ll tell you stories about wine in every room, and they’ll make sure that your glass is never empty

Thinking about it, the thing that really gets me is that the Rosé Wine Mansion is in the USA. For the umpteenth time, Americans come up with an amazing experience to provide to the public. Furthermore, an impressive part of this is that it’s situated right in the busy center of New York City, a major capital of the world.

Given that, are we sure that rosé is lesser than any other wine?

But more importantly… will you visit the mansion?

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