Rosé All Day. The National rosé day. Do you know we have a day dedicated to us?

What is? How it was born? How we can celebrate it?

 The National Rosé Day is observed on the second Saturday in June and it has been proposed by Bodvàr – House of Rosés, one of the most famous House that sells rosé wines. 170 years of familiar traditions to search and discover high-quality alcoholic beverages to commercialize. Bodvàr- House of Rosés sells only different type of rosé wine from Provence and they are involved to sponsor their wines through sporting events, parties and events.  On their website a quote I really love is:

”Don’t tell me how good you are in wines, tell me how much you’ve travelled”

The purpose of the Rosé day is to promote the awareness that rosé is a wine with its own identity. It is important to give rosé lovers a day to celebrate them too. The first rosé day was established in 2015.

It is common to celebrate Rosé Day in the States. I can imagine the pink parties! You should check the ashtag #rosèallday #NationalRoséDay and follow the social networks to keep updated on what will happen. The main party organized by Bodvàr is in LA.

“What we can do to celebrate it?”

Obviously, the best thing to do is to open and share with friends a bottle of rosé. The 8th of June Facebook will release a filter for the Rosé Day. Into The Rosé will be on Garda Lake for “Italia In Rosa”.

In the States there will be a lot of pink parties, rosé pairing with food, doughnuts, rosé ice creams and there will be the famous Frosé, a frozen cocktail made by rosé, fruits, syrup. Eataly Restaurants will organize rosé pairings.
The Mansion Rosé Wine in New York, a tasting room with 14 rooms dedicated to the rosé world, is organizing an exclusive party. I am sure we will have time to talk about that 😉

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