More and more articles, posts and profiles are constantly that send the message that pink is a cool, young, beautiful color. Pink is “in”.

These messages have increased consumer interest in the growth of rosé wine, with the idea that it is a good, fascinating, fresh wine.

Numerous articles, including scientific ones, talk about the rediscovery of rosé, its growing consumption among the Millennials, the false myths of the seasonality, the attitude of some areas in the production of rosé wine.

When we talk about the Rosé Life Style we are not talking only about wine, but also to the pink-colored Gin, the rosé-colored ciders, to juices and various drinks. And don’t forget the rosé wine-based cocktails, including Frosé!

When I’m on Instagram I am flooded with photos of rosé wine, swimming pools, parties, inflatable pink flamingos and wines in rosé colored cans. Obviously my feed is customized according to my interests and consequently what I see is what interests me the most: rosé wine.
Among the hashtags and the most used descriptions is that of RoséLifeStyle, an Anglo-Saxon term with a very interesting meaning.

What does Rosé Life Style mean?

On social media it seems a very widespread term.

Analyzing what you can find on the internet and on social networks, it is clear that the rosé trend is growing and that rosé wine seems to be a very instagrammable wine.

Rosé Life Style

The Rosé Life Style is the way of life in pink. A Hungarian influencer has a page of his own which is called this way.

Pink is conviviality, lightness, freshness (cool). All characteristics that we can attribute to a good rosé wine.

Having an identity on social media is part of our daily life.  Why don’t share the picture while we are enjoying our rosé life?
A growing trend, a good, convivial wine, with its own strong identity. A lifestyle linked to rosé wine!

So yes, among the many characteristics of rosé wine I would like to add that rosé is the most social and very instagrammable wine. 

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