I was just in England for work- want to know why?

I wasn’t sure I believed that they were making wines there, but I was completely wrong. They’re making it alright, and it’s fantastic!

In the recent years of English wine-making, there has been a real qualitative and quantitative growth in sale. Most notably for sparkling wines, but also, like in Italy, for rosé! The English market is starting to shine a real spotlight on our favorite color.

I had the pleasure of working for Chapel Down, one of the most prestigious companies in the United Kingdom. Want to know how much their annual production of wine amounts to?

Two MILLION. I’m serious, two million bottles are sold annually, entirely within the UK. And, every year, their production grows. For now, three of their labels are dedicated exclusively to rosé; two sparkling, and one still.

England has always had an important role in wine commerce. Just think of some of the most prestigious names you might know: Marsala, Madeira, common names like this were born thanks to English wine pros.



Yeah! The English have always had an incredible skill for trade in the wine industry, without even having a vineyard. Now that they’re starting to produce their own wines… we’ll surely have much, much more to appreciate! Every wine has a story to discuss, especially considering British sparkling and rosé wines.

England had never really gotten involved in the production of these wines, but has always played a major part in critiquing. In 1955, in London, the “Master of Wine” course was created. It determines who qualifies as one of the most important figures in the wine world, next to the Court of Master Sommeliers (remember who the sommelier is?). To cite from Roberto Cipresso’s “Romanzo del Vino,”

“London: where no wine is made, but where every wine passes through.”

Now, however, its market is changing, along with its reputation.

In what sense?


Like you may have noticed, the most popular wines usually come from America, Australia, and New Zealand. This will probably be true of English wines in a few years as well. Already, lots of Italian and French wine companies are buying land in the United Kingdom with the previsions to produce wine there. It might be due to climate change- let’s keep an eye on that.

England has always been one of the biggest importers of wine in the world, especially sparkling. One of the best markets for our dear Prosecco is the English market!

Speaking of which, there’s been quite a lot of talk about rosé prosecco! The consortium has been on our side again, uniting the types of wine that are most popular.

A nation that consumes so much Prosecco and so much rosé, we think, might also appreciate this new product, which combines both.

In this country that’s always been a huge importer, we’re starting to see really major wine productions as well. How will this market evolve? We can’t wait to see what’s next.

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