Why is rosé wine still considered (only by few person) as a feminine wine?

Perhaps the question is another, what is meant by “feminine wine”? Light and easy to drink ? So a woman can’t drink a full-bodied red wine?

We are constantly fighting against prejudices. Once again, the color of rosé wine tells us almost anything about the quality of the wine!

“The Real Men Drink Pink”
(Thomas Pastuzzak, Sommelier in Manhattan)

The trend of rosé wine is growing strongly and this growth is partly due to the fact that men are approaching the consumption of this type of wine, especially in America.

In America, the term Brosé is very famous and it is very popular with those boys and men that appreciate rosé with confidence, symbols of the rosé life style.

In France, on the other hand, consumers are opposed to the vision of female rosé wine as well as to the vision of rosé seen as a seasonal wine. In France, rosé is seen as a lifestyle and a symbol.

As Angelo Peretti reports in one of his articles, defining a female wine is the only way to demean both wine and the female gender.

Prejudices are made to be overcome: therefore we appreciate rosé for what it is, a simple, pleasant wine. A symbol of conviviality.