Christmas Trees, lights and gifts.

Finally, it is the Christmas Holidays and the time to share rich and satisfying dinners with our family and friends. It’s almost Midnight and everybody is ready to toast with a sparkling wine.

Traditionally a glass of Champagne or maybe even a Prosecco which has been suggested by a sommelier.

Instead we celebrate with rosé. And we thought about the pairings for a rosé dinner.

“But it’s been 1 year that I have been waiting to open this Barolo, now what can I do?”

Let’s do this. We suggest to you some pairings with rosé, as a guide. Then you can choose if you want to open your red wine that will never go out of style or be the protagonist of the evening, surprising everyone with a rosé wine.

And maybe you will show them that rosé is not only a summer wine.

Raise your hands if you love salmon!

So why don’t we combine a rosé with salmon canapés? Salmon has a persistent and elegant taste. It is not delicate. It would take a full-bodied rosé. What do you think about a Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo?

And if there may be someone who doesn’t like salmon, I’m sure the vast majority of you like parmigiana. Fried eggplant, sauce and mozzarella. Complex. Do we try it with a rosé from Bombino Nero?

For pasta lovers, who doesn’t like spaghetti with seafood?

Bardolino Chiaretto, citrusy and intense.

And maybe someone this year, instead of a cut of perfectly cooked meat, prefers to celebrate with a fresh grilled fish. A baked bream. I would trust our French cousins. Not the classic rosé of Provence, but one of Tavel. More structured.

And the dessert? A matching rule suggests combining dessert with dessert.

I would try a Mateus. The Portuguese symbol.

But how can we toast?  By now, many wineries are producing excellent rosé classic method.

We celebrate with rosé!

And you?

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