What does rapper Post Malone have to do with rosé from Provence? 

Post Malone, a record-breaking rapper who has released three albums in his career, has had multiple big wins. For example, his second record went platinum just 24 hours after the release of “Beerbongs and Bentleycome,” and his third album, “Stoney” stayed at the top of the charts for 77 consecutive weeks.  

Again, how is this related to wine? 

Post Malone announced the launch of his Rosé Maison No.9 wine,  in collaboration with his manager and the French winemaker Alexis Cornu. One might even say he’s following a few of the footsteps tread by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who have produced one of the most famous Provence rosés in the world: Miraval. 

After his musical successes, the well-known rapper decided to spend time in Provence where he was able to taste and learn about rosé. Starting next month, you’ll be able to buy Maison No.9 online, the rosé wine that was named after the playing card, #9.  

“I thought about making wine for quite a while” 

It wasn’t easy to find the right blend for his wine- Post Malone tried more than 50 possibilities. In the end, Maison No.9 was decided as a blend of Grenache,  Cinsault,  Syrah,  and Merlot. It will be distributed exclusively by the winery  E. & J. Gallo. 

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