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Myths about Rosé? Here Are 5 You May Have Heard

We like to talk about all kinds of rosé wines, but today we wanted to focus on debunking some myths that you might have overheard from a few of the wine experts at the bar. Certain myths about rosé are completely unfounded. Others may have been true once upon a time! Long ago, not in our day and age.

Why would anyone tell me that rosé is made from mixing red and white wine?

That’s exactly it, let’s talk about this. Let’s look at everything that’s just straight up false.

1.To make rosé, you just throw red and white wine in the same glass!

False. Mixing red and white wine to make rosé is a forbidden practice. Not just in Italy, but in every wine country in the world.

“Really? They all agreed on that?”

Strange, but true!  Be careful not to base your rosé knowledge, however, on the basis of sparkling wines. There are actually times when making a sparkling wine happens by mixing white wine with a tiny bit of red, but that’s just a base that’s still going to need to ferment further.

2. Rosè is a girly wine.

False! No one’s even sure where this myth came from or what the motivation behind it was, but no, rosé is for everyone. No one should feel embarrassed about drinking any wine. Furthermore, we drink rosé because of its identity, not ours.

“Sure, but come on- the pink color is what makes it girly!”

Maybe you have a point, but we’d like to think that people aren’t so trivial about what they drink. Rosé has its own identity. After all, prosciutto is pink, but men eat that all the time. Next question.

3. It’s tough to pair with food.

False. When you’re talking about rosé, you’re talking about an entire category of wine, just like when you talk about red wine. And, just like red wine, you can pair it with anything (yes, even the right fish). Rosé is totally versatile, you just have to know the dish a little bit in order to figure out how to pair it.

“What’s a good example?”

A Bardolino Chiaretto could pair really nicely with some charcuterie, fish, or vegetables. A Bagnoli Rosato DOC is a rosé that we like with something like sausage and radicchio ravioli, or even a bean soup. And, why not? A Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo for white meat, roasts, and medium-season cheeses.

Try one, let us know what you think.

4. It’s a wine you have to drink before it ages.

False. If you’ve never tried an aged rosé, you have no idea what you’re missing! The evolution of the aromas in a bottle of rosé with challenge your palate. A well-aged rosé can even pair well with dishes that have much more complex flavors. The only difficulty will be actually finding the aged rosé. It’s not a problem in Provenza because they produce it all the time, but in Italy there are only a few wineries that know how to create an aged wine of this sort.

5. It’s a summer wine.


“No, let me stop you right there. Aperitivo with a rosé on the beach is the be-all, end-all. I guarantee it!”

Of course, of course, no one is denying that, but limit such a vast expanse of wine to one season is just too limiting. The thousand different shades of rosé produced in Italy offer the possibility of thousands of pairings not only to food, but to seasons. Did you know that in France, rosé is a Christmas wine, and in England it’s a Valentine’s Day wine?

So there we have it- five false myths about rosé, because yeah… there are always more. But, we wouldn’t want to upset you too much, so for today, we’ll leave it at five.

See you soon!

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