Have you ever heard of a wine so popular, all the greats are obsessed with it?

Jimi Hendrix, Queen Elizabeth, Elton John alike, have all known and loved it. It was mentioned in Elton John’s song “Disease”. Huge stocks of this wine were even found in Saddam Houssain’s home. It’s a noble wine, rebellious, and we’d like to tell you its story.

In a curious and unusual little bottle, the shape of a flask, you’ll find the Mateus rosé. It’s a simple rosé, definitely a crowd-pleaser. It started a trend, as it was a common wine to drink at parties since it’s so light and fun with company.

Created in 1942, this was the most exported wine from Portogallo. The Portuguese company SoGrape holds the actual brand “Mateus,” and produces it proudly.

We managed to try it again recently. The bottle is the same it’s been for 77 years, always will be. With this wine, we don’t really need to talk about its terroir, we don’t need to even discuss the the notes that lots of wine lovers will brag to have detected in prestigious bottles. This wine doesn’t need scores and judges.

It’s made from a blend of Portuguese grapes, and every year, it manages to keep its youth intact. The color is a brilliant, sparkly pink. The bottle is easily recognizable. The evident fruity scents and fresh, fizzy flavor make this an easily drinkable party wine- you could even try it as a cocktail base! Sure, wine is culture, history, and tradition, but the Mateus rosé is a wine that absolutely dominated the European markets and is, still today, wildly popular. It’s youthful and radical, and it holds its ground on its own.

Recently, it’s been proposed that the Mateus should update its bottle shape. A little slimmer, but it won’t lose its singularity.

What do you think of the Mateus?

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