Seriously, have you ever noticed how many tourists there are on  lake Garda, drinking rosé? How beautiful is Garda Lake?

One of the most iconic Italian tourist symbols.
 And one of the rosé symbol. Here we can find rosé on the Veneto shore and off the Lombardy shore. Chiaretto of Bardolino the first, Valtenési Chiaretto the second. Which is the best? Every producer think his rosé wine is better than the wine on the otherside. But when the wine is so good, it is very difficult to choose.

“Yes, please stop with this politically correct, we know you live in Veneto”

 Let’s start with Lombardy shore. Very famous is the zone on the Garda Lake: Valtenèsi Chiaretti DOC. The grape most used is Groppello.

We are at the end of ‘800 when the senator Molmenti writes a rule about this wine, called “wine of one night”. Why?  Once the grapes were pressed, they were left on the skins one night only to obtain the rosé colour.

These rosés with several shades from the most intense to the least intense with very distinct characteristics of flowers. In the mouth it will be soft and crispy, perfect to drink to relax on the lake.

I would like to suggest, every June, in Moniga del Garda there is an event not to be missed dedicated entirely to rosé wine, in an incredible setting. “Italia in Rosa”, an event in which to discover, taste, learn but above all to spend a beautiful day.

Rosé del Garda

Production zone of Valtènesi Chiaretto DOC

Let’s go on the Veneto side. The most important grape to make Chiaretto Bardolino is Corvina Veronese. It seems the culture of the rosé wine on Garda lake dates back to the Romans time.  We find Chiaretto more delicate in color with citrus and floral aromas. Citrus fruit that comes back into the mouth when you taste it. Will it not be a coincidence if Lake Garda is one of the tourist destinations preferred by tourists?

And you, which claret do you prefer?

Rosé del Garda

Production zone Bardolino Chiaretto DOC

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