How was Rosé Wine born?
Myths and Legends

How was rosé wine born? Really mixing white wine with red wine? 

Legends always have something funny to tell.

Here are two legends about how rosé wine was born.

The legend of Frate Picci and the Tram station

Civitanove Marche was a papal city, where one of the first tram stations was born. Here operated that prankster Frate Picci who was an expert of wine.
Marche County  has always been a region devoted to the production of excellent wines, both white and red and our friend Frate Picci knew it well.

What does this have to do with the tram station and rosé?

The station connected Civitanove Marche with the Vatican City.

Taking advantage of this station, the local farmers used to give their wine to Frate Picci with the recommendation to bring it to Rome to the Pope to blessed it.

Frate Picci, lazy and greedy, put this wine in water tanks, which were emptied specifically and made no difference between white wine and red wine. All together in the tank. Red wine mixed with white wine. The resulting color was a pink, a wine that had nothing to do with the rosés we are lucky enough to taste today. And to think that this mixture of white and red wine was what he himself used in his Holy Masses. Surely Frate Picci knew about mixtures!

How rosé wine was born: the legend of the lazy and crafty Frate

Another legend tell rosé wine was born on Lake Garda, again by a lazy monk. So lazy that the charity of his fellow villagers was enough for him to get by. Why not take care of the garden? Too much effort obviously.
The villagers, now tired of this situation, decide not to provide him with more food. His answer? Stealing wine from a vat, a vat in which maceration was still in progress! The result? The first rosé wine in history.

Myth or truth, these stories that I heard during a seminar made me smile a lot and made me reflect on how certain myths and traditions still have a certain influence in our days! Just think of those who still believe rosé is obtained by mixing a white wine and a red wine, a practice obviously not permitted by law except to produce sparkling wine!

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