What is Frosè?

The Frosé is a frozen cocktail made with rosé wine!
Yes, an iced cocktail, like a sorbet!

Frosé is the abbreviation for Frozen Rosé, an iced rosé. A cocktail that is viral for 4 years now. Launched by some famous bars in New York and London, it has become a real world trend.

“Eh, I thought rosé was just a passing fashion!”

There are several recipes to make this Frosé:  rosé wine to which different ingredients are mixed according to your inspiration such as juices, spices and fruit: then you put it in the freezer for about 6 hours and the result is an incredible aperitif.

In Italy, the first to launch this recipe has been Carpineto Winery in Tuscany. Their recipe includes their rosé, Dogajolo, lemon juice, strawberry and sugar.

The Eataly New York recipe is very popular and includes rosé, grapefruit juice, syrup, strawberries.

As usual you can experiment which rosé to use and which ingredients to add but my advice is to use particularly fresh rosés with a floral and fruity scent. So the new released vintage rosés can go very well!
I tried it with Mateus, the most famous Portuguese rosé, to which I added grapefruit juice!

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