Elegance and Gravity on Garda Lake: Tenuta La Cà

It was a hot day as we gladly accepted the invitation of the brothers Pietro and Aldo to visit their winery, Tenuta La Cà.

We met them during “Italia in Rosa 2019” , and after having tasted their wines and listening to their stories, we immediately took the opportunity to visit them.

From 2018 they have taken over the reins of the Company by focusing on innovation. It is an act of courage. This is an act of courage of two brothers who saw the most fertile of the future in the roots of the family vineyards.

Ours is an under 30 management: convinced that age, rather than a fact, is a fact to be demonstrated.

The company is on the Venetian shore of Garda Lake and it extends for 15 hectares of vines and olive trees. Already we have the first surprise: they are certified ORGANIC  and there is a plot of Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella cured and dedicated for 2/3 to  the production of rosé wine. The company is located in a very suitable area, where the subsoil is rich in springs that keep the roots always hydrated.

The surprises never end and as we enter in the cellar: there is something strange. Where are the big pumps used to move the wine from a press to the fermentation tanks?

There are no pumps! The Company has been the first on Garda Lake to focus on an innovative way, called “fall”. A technique that respects the raw material. The movements of the raw material are made precisely by gravity because the winey was built on more levels.

Let’s have a look at what happens when they make rosé!

The Cellar

The grapes from the vineyard dedicated to rosé arrive in the cellar, through a selection only the best are chosen and then put into the destemmer that separates the berries from the stalk. A conveyor belt brings the grapes to the press where they are gently pressed after a few hours of maceration, to obtain the perfect color of the “claret”.  The must is then, by gravity, brought into different tanks, divided between the free-run juice and pressed, every small detail is fundamental.

When the wine is ready it’s refined on the lees to reduce the use of sulfites.

The Visit to the winery showed us many small techniques rarely talked about by anybody.

We are now in the tasting room. It’s amazing to see the landscapes and meet better Pietro and Aldo.

We ask about the production: do you believe 1/3 of the production is dedicated entirely to the rosé? We really appreciated this news because that showed us that rosé is not only a trend, but it is a wine with its own identity.

We have tasted the two types of rosé, “Cento”, Bardolino Chiaretto Brut and “Chieto”, Bardolino Chiaretto Classico.

The grapes to make these wines are the same, Corvinone, Corvina, Rondinella but the percentage is different. The grapes stay in the press for 2-5 hours and only after they are pressed to obtain the juice very scented. You can smell all these flavors in the bottle, Chieto is closed with screw-cap.

During the tasting we found an elegance and consistency in each wine. We understood one thing: they know what they want and they do it in the best way.

For these reasons we would like to invite you to taste their wines and let us know what you think. If you are close to Garda Lake you should definitely stop by to their winery and discover a lot of other interesting things.

Do you want another spoiler? Not every barrel is made by wood, some are made by ceramic.

One last thing but no less important. When you have the different bottles in front, pay attention to the labels. You will notice how Pietro (because he follows directy the design!) was able to recreate the different landscapes that you can see from their winery.

Into the Rosé wants to wish good luck to Pietro and Aldo, and we trust in them for the Rosé Revolution.


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