Our new guide for Into The Rosé is finally online! The first simple, clear and direct blog dedicated to rosé wine. If you want to take part in the
Rosé Revolution too, and you’re fed up with wine snobs talking about the same wine lists as usual, download our guide now!

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Why I should download the guide?

Fun facts and anecdotes from the world of rosé;

How rosé was born;

Simply, clear and direct;

How rosé is made

Techniques for tasting rosé!

Bonus: Discovering your favorite wine alongside all of us!

They say about Simply Rosé

Don’t worry, it’s not spam

They say about Simply Rosé

The guide is pretty amazing. I liked the way it is written, is easy to follow! Thank you Dario

I love Rose! So grateful for this blog and all their awesome reviews.

Don’t worry, it’s not spam