France, 1935. The agronomist Marcel Ott registers the title of his Company, Domaines Ott, and he is immediately informed that for bureaucratic reasons, using your name as a brand is not possible.
What to do then?  Marcel adds a simple star after the name of his Company: Domaines Ott * is born. Today it produces some of the most important rosés in the world.

Who is Marcel Ott?

Marcel arrived in Provence from Alsace in 1896, inspired by the Mediterranean climate and landscapes.
The Vineyards are not in good shape due to the phylloxera that appeared about 30 years earlier. Very determined, he starts with a vineyard planting new vines. A work that lasts for years, during which he realizes that the characteristics of this region can be optimal for the production of good rosé. 
His decision to make rosé by direct pressing is at the basis of the creation of the great Provençal wines. Until then, rosé was still considered a by-product of red winemaking. It was not a prestigious wine. Marcel Ott also decides to buy a Chateau, the Chateau de Selle, far from inhabited centers. The nearest train station was only 110km away.
Marcel  removes the old Carignan vines to plant Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah. It also plants white grape vines, to be used as a bargaining chip. It seems that with some restaurants the agreement was “I’ll sell you a barrel of white wine if you buy two barrels of rosé”. The deal seemed to work. The bottles designed by his son René identifies his wine today.

Domaines Ott

Credit Photo : Stanislas Desjeux.

Domaines Ott Wines

Over the years, Marcel’s successors bought other properties and in 1938 the OTT * rosé arrives to the United States of America, as evidenced by some historical postcards.
Today the management is in the hands of Christian and Jean Francois, the great-grandchildren of Marcel Ott; they  manage 3 chateaux, Chateau de Selle, Clos Mireille and Chateau Romessan.
Both are very interested in doing the work in the vineyard and in the cellar.

What about marketing? The Company was bought by Louis Roederer, who manages the Empire of Domaines Ott *.

Each property produces its own wines, including white and red and all rosés are vinified by direct pressing. Some of these spend a period of maturation in the barrel.

The last wine produced in the Ott House is Etoilè, a blend of Grenache and Mourvedrè that comes from different terroirs. From different terroirs because the 3 chateaux belong to 2 different appellation areas, Cotes de Provence and Bandol. One of their slogans is in fact “the symbiosis of 3 terroirs”.


Credit Photo : Stanislas Desjeux.

“The symbiosis of 3 terroirs”.

Etoile means Star in French, the same star used by grandfather Marcell when he founded the Company. In fact this wine is dedicated to him, one of the architects of the birth of the rosé myth in Provence.

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