There are many Italian excellences,  too many. If I told you Botticino? Certainly marble is the first thing you could think of.

Into The Rosé is not so superficial and we and we have dug a bit in history, not yet in marble.

Before the marble took over the local economy, viticulture reigned supreme on the hills in the small town near Brescia: 1000 hectares of vineyards could be counted.

Today between one quarry and another, less than one hundred hectares of vineyard remain. And 11 of these belong to them, the Noventa family, which has always believed in the products of the earth. At the foot of the Brescia Pre-Alps, in the 1970s Pierangelo founded the Noventa Company.


Immediately an intuition:  the particular conformation of the hills surrounding Botticino form a horseshoe from East to West passing through the North.

Do you want to see this horseshoe is lucky?            

This particularity guarantees the protection from storms and hailstorDms coming from the North to the vineyards planted in the inland (South). At the same time, the constant breeze reduces humidity and the development of diseases, offering the possibility of organic farming. The steep slopes make irrigation impossible, which is why the plant produces less fruit but with a much better fruit quality. If you pass through the hills and you see a tractor rolling downstream, it could be Pierangelo or the son-in-law Cristian who defy the winding climbs and slopes with a bit of difficulty.

Today the daughters Rossella and Alessandra are at the head of this small company that does not produce millions of bottles, but focuses on quality. With vineyards that reach 80 years of “experience”, Noventa makes nearly 40000 bottles.

They produce four wines, three reds belonging to the Botticino DOC, and a rosé wine, demonstrating their interest in this type of wine with its own identity.

They have dedicated 10% of the vineyard used for red wines to make rosé: a modern and young wine suitable for all seasons. “L’Aura” is a rosé made by 100% Schiava Gentile. The harvest is slightly earlier than the end of September to preserve the acidity of the grapes. The name “L’aura” instead is a play on words to dedicate wine to Laura, daughter of Alessandra and Cristian. In the cellar the vinification process is very simple. Short maceration of an hour on the skins and then immediately off to the press to prevent excessive extraction of the color.

When the wine is ready, a steel tank is put outside and the rosé will pass the cold season outside in the farmyard. In this way there is te natural stabilization of the wine thanks to the cold of winter!


To show their simplicity and genuineness, there are ladybirds on their label, symbol of organic … and also because in the vineyard they have so many that protect their grapes!  Noventa is even a company really very focused  to the environment from the beginning to the end. Because when you finish a bottle of their rosé, you have to recycle it!

“yes, we know how to recycle the glass…but the cork?”

No problem for glass, the innovation is in their caps. For “L’Aura” there is a synthetic stopper of polymers derived from sugar cane. 100% sustainable, both in the production of the cork and in the certified BIO cultivation of sugar cane.

Many innovations are coming to Noventa. The other little girl at home, Mia, shouldn’t she deserve a label of her own ??

Soon, respecting the times of nature, the Noventa Agricultural Company will present us with a new wine. Go to visit them to learn more!

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