Into The Rosé was born from my passion for wine, and my desire to find rosé’s unique identity.
We are not focused on judging a wine, and you won’t find wine scores or lengthy descriptions on this blog.
We’re here solely to show, discuss, and learn as much as we can, by delving into the wine industry and talking to the rosé makers themselves.
We hope to be spokespeople for our favorite rosey potion, and we’re always open to your thoughts, feedback, and proposals!
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Dario De Caro has always had a passion for rosé- perhaps because his grandfather introduced him at a young age, or maybe just because he’s from Puglia, the motherland of his favorite wine. Throughout his life, he’s gotten a Masters in Wine Business, a sommelier degree, and various in-depth wine courses all over Italy. He spent two years in Veneto and Friuli regions, as well as California, Sicily and England where he met his partners on this project. Wine is Dario’s lifestyle, and he’s most often found deep in a wine market- a book in one hand, a glass of rosé in the other.

Who partecipates in Into The Rosé


Davide Sarti is a young winemaker from Verona. He started his journey in the land of Amarone, and developed a passion for chemistry, which translates quite well into the wine process. To escape from the cold and fog, Davide heads out to work in Australia and California, where he worked with Dario as well. The two were originally roommates at university, and have now set out on this project together, in which Davide handles the technical side.
Davide can be found eating lesso and pearà in absolutely any season, usually with a bottle of something fancy in his backpack.


Mila Inbal handles some of our English translation. Originally from Philadelphia and based in San Francisco, she fell in love with Italy long ago through its food and wine. Since then, she’s been doing things like teaching English in Italy, cooking Italian in the US, and studying linguistics, anthropology, Italian language and culture. Well-versed in culinary arts and experienced in wine-pairing, Mila is invested in giving our favorite rosés the perfect platform: snacks.


Lachlan Ellis is our guy who chases the harvest season around the globe. He also takes care of some translation. A hard worker with a knowledge and passion for all things wine-related, he started out as a sommelier with a WSET certification.
Lachlan was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. He’s taken his wine work throughout Australia, New Zealand, California, where he met Dario.  They became fast friends. Combining their passions for wine into this project means they are always adding more stops on the adventure itinerary. Lachy can usually be found with a glass of his favorite, Gamay. Next stop, France!
Into THe Rosé team