Why you should drink rosé wine? Do you like it?”

Fortunately, rosé wine it is not considered a feminine wine anymore. Also if some “dinosaurs” think that rosé is a wine without its own identity.

What I really love about rosé is the delicate aromas and especially the infinities shades of colors. Like one French winemaker said:

“The beauty of rosé wine begins first of all with color”

“So tell us the reasons to drink rosé wine”

Here we are, 5 reasons to drink rosé:

  1. VERSATILE. Don’t know which wine you want to pair for your next meal? Rosé is always a good and great solution. Guaranteed. From the aperitif to the whole meal.
  1. EASY TO DRINK. Some “experts” think the wine is too easy to drink so doesn’t make it is a good wine. I do not agree. Like my Enology Professor said: “Guys, we can talk about the votes, the judgements, medals, prizes of which the wine can win. If you really want to understand if a wine is good, during a dinner of 2-3 persons, the bottle should finish very easily.” My professor was right, the wine is a symbol of conviviality. The wine is the main character but not for this reason alone, it wants to stay in the center of the attentions. A wine easy to drink is a wine that accompanies the conversation, it is not the center of it.
  1. INFINITY SHADES OF COLOURS. Consider that you need one more hour of maceration and you can have rosé wine of another shade. What a fantastic wine. From a pale color to the cherries color, it is difficult and beautiful at the same time watching the infinity shades of rosé wine.
  1. LESS CALORIES THAN RED WINE. According to science, rosé wine has less calories than the red wine. Another good reason to drink rosé, hmm?
  1. Have you ever tried a rosé like basis for cocktails? This trend is increasing. At the beginning, I was skeptical about that, but when I tried some rosé cocktails, I was enthusiastic. Any advice? I found some recipes on internet:

    Heidi: rosé wine like base, a drop of gin, apple juice, cranberry and few drops of Assenzio.
    Pink Cocktail: rosé wine, strawberries, vodka, grapefruit juice and syrup.
    Margarita of rosé wine: rosé wine, white tequila, triple sec, lime and salt.

    The list is really great, get excited and have fun.

    And you, why are you drinking rosé?

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