by Dario De Caro
and Davide Sarti

If sometimes you have tasted Prosecco Rosé or someone suggested you to taste it, I have a bad news for you: Prosecco rosé doesn’t exist.

In some situations, I was very surprised: one famous restaurant of Milan wrote one its wine list “Prosecco Rosé”. Marketing strategy?

“What is Prosecco?”

Prosecco DOC is a wine you can make only in some part of Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, with particular grapes and following specific rules.

The fact that Prosecco is a sparkling wine, it doesn’t mean every sparkling is  Prosecco.

“So you can make Sparkling everywhere but the name Prosecco is only in that area following particular rules.”

Prosecco rosé is very famous and rare, especially in the USA. Also if Prosecco Rosé doesn’t exist. How is it possible?

The protection of Italian products abroad is very difficult because its not easy to reach international agreements. In Australia you can drink prosecco, which has nothing to do with Prosecco. The name Prosecco attracts customers, and wineries abroad use it on all sparkling wines.

The world of wine is very complex.  The concept is that, very often, we are used to call every sparkling with the name of Prosecco. Also Sparkling Rosé. So some people take advantages using the name Prosecco.

The Consortium that defends Prosecco has proposed a little modification of the rules. This choice has been criticized because a wine should not follow the trend and fashion of the moment but it should identify a territory.

It’s true, but it is also true the world of wine is increasing and it is changing: if is it possible to take advantages of the two positive trends, that of rosé adn that of Prosecco,  why not? Especially if we consider in America someone is convinced he has tasted prosecco rosé.

So it will possible to make Prosecco Rosé.

In which way?

From the Vintage 2019 it will be possible to make it, so in the 2020 we can taste the first bottles of Prosecco Rosè.

In which way we can make prosecco rosè?

Thanks to Pinot Noir! The colour of its skin will help the wine to make it…more interesting!

I am very curious to taste it! And you?


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